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Welcome to Dreamland, the Boston Wax Museum, in central Boston!

We hope you enjoy exploring the premier wax museum in Massachusetts. It is dedicated to inspiring wonder, sharing stories and coming face-to-face with those who shaped history. DreamLand Wax Museum 1st Annual Oscar Party from GSF Awards on Vimeo. Originally from Brazil, and direct descendants of Boston?s beloved Maestro, Arthur Fiedler, the creators of Dreamland Wax Museum own and operate several successful museum businesses throughout Latin America. They are great fans of history, museums and all things Boston. Dreamland Wax Museum proudly stands on historic Dock Square, where Paul Revere and his father?s famous silversmith shop once operated, back in the late 1700's. Choosing Boston as the place to open their first U.S. wax museum was easy; Boston is where it all began. Finding the location where Paul Revere?s silversmith shop once stood sealed the deal and on July 31, 2017, Dreamland Wax Museum opened its doors and has quickly become one of New England?s premiere attractions. Our Mission To create a city-centric museum that educates, entertains and offers meaningful experiences to our guests. To provide an institution that connects the old with the new while nurturing an interest and appreciation for art and history. Our Vision To inspire, invest in, and celebrate the historical impact the city of Boston has had on our nation and be a part of its story. Group Tours & Events For additional information on our group tours and events please call or email our booking office. 857-233-5437 or email info@dreamlandwaxmuseum.com Please note?the booking office is staffed Monday Through Friday from 10am until 5pm. Emails and voicemails received after 5pm and on weekends will be returned on the next business day. About Our Figures Dear Museum Visitor, We are glad that you?re interested in knowing more about our figures. Each figure displayed in our museum is a unique work of art and involves several months of planning, research, and development. Our artists and sculptors are among the most experienced in the world. Each precious work of art takes an average of 6 months to produce, and sometimes longer depending on the level of complexity. Over 200 photographs and 200 measurements are taken. The figure may require up to 20 artists to complete. Once the head has been created, each hair is manually implanted, and then several thin layers of paint are added, over a period of weeks, to provide the correct absorption to reach the desired skin tone. The most advanced materials are used, from real human hair to surgical prosthetics to porcelain teeth. In the past, all figures were made using beeswax. Over the years, new composite materials have emerged. Today, derivatives are now being produced, and materials blended, including petroleum-derived wax, to provide greater durability, longevity, strength, and realism. You may find that some of the figures represented appear younger or older than expected. This is all part of the experience. Just like real human beings, looks change with age. The figure?s age is chosen and depicted by the artist at the time it is sculpted. When visiting, please remember to treat each figure as true works of art. We invite you to get close, admire their details, take lots of selfies?but please do not touch. Help us preserve them, so that future visitors, for years to come, can have the same opportunity to enjoy them. Thank you, Dreamland Wax Museum

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